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Let us be your guide through Customs, see the information below for more details.
Let us be your guide through Customs, see the information below for more details.

Services and Expertise

Courier and Imports

Our expertise in commercial and personal clearing is the one of the many ways that our agency services provides you with piece of mind, and saves you time. Order as many items and you want, and never have to step foot in Customs once. Use your time how you need it, not waiting for your number to be called.

  • Time is money. Avoid long lines and paperwork when you use our services:
  • Entry processing
  • Customs processing
  • Cargo clearance
  • Release dropoff

Consolidated Cargo

Get the very best in cargo services. CICA is the only Customs Broker on island that receives its containers directly from a freight forwarder to generate on hand cargo. You can track your shipments, and pick up goods of any size straight from us. No middle men, no mystery.

  • Have piece of mind. Consolidate many orders into organized shipments:
  • Consolidated storage
  • One time collection
  • One tracking number
  • Warehouse assistance

Cargo Delivery

Pallets, boxes, large and small. We do it all. Our fleet of delivery trucks can handle all of your transport needs. Curb-side, or inside, we can make it happen. Ordering new furniture or household goods? We offer top notch unpacking and assembly services as well.

  • If you can ship it, our fleet can handle it. Let the cargo come to you:
  • Cargo repacking and Loading
  • Curbside and Home delivery
  • Unpacking and Assembly
  • Forklift & Piggyback

Packing and Export

Whether you are moving, or need a precious item replaced, sending cargo off island is just another one of our specialties. We arrive on site to expertly pack any items for sailing, and pick them up on location too. Save your time and energy for the important things.

  • Proper protection for your export goods is key. Send cargo out worry free:
  • Individual wrapping and boxing
  • Crates for larger shipments
  • Industrial packing materials
  • Export processing and storage

Car and Vehicle

New Service!

Purchase your vehicle and leave everything else in our hands, we provide the full spectrum of vehicle import services. Unloading, Inspection, Licensing, & Vehicle Registration. We even give it a wash and full tank of gas so that when we deliver to your home its ready to roll.

  • Take all the work out of getting your car ready for the road with new vehicle services:
  • Vehicle Clearing
  • Licensing and Registration
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Driveway delivery

Broker Process

First time customer?

Registering an account takes just a few minutes! Download and
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Place your orders then send them to your shipper of choice, and add CICA as the Notifying Party.

Send us your Invoices, Online order emails, or any other appropriate documentation.

Consolidated Shipping and Warehousing

Get the ultimate service in Grand Cayman bound shipments when you ship with Deluxe Freight. Our joint consolidation system is a unique combination of security and speed. Ship, clear, and receive all of your items under one number, and all in one place.

For the best experience use our guide

When purchasing your goods bound for Grand Cayman:

Use the following as your shipping address

Deluxe Freight

11401 NW 107th Street

Suite: 100

Miami, FL 33178

Be sure to check your order's delivery date!

Estimated delivery dates vary-

Depending on the vendor

and which items you order

When your goods are on their way to the freight forwarder:

Forward any appropriate documentation

For the best experience, include

all of your paperwork

Speak to a customer service agent:

We let you know which of our

services are right for you

To consolidate, or not to consolidate?

Choose if your goods leave one by one, for speed:

Items leave the country of origin individually

in the order they reach your freight forwarder


Or together, for the most convenience:

Items leave the country of origin once

all items reach your freight forwarder

Ask a customer service agent which one is best for you.

Then simply collect or arrange delivery when your cargo is available!

Simple. Easy. Affordable.

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